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You're FIRED! TRUMP PLAZA, Atlantic City CLOSES!

The 16th of September marked the closing of Trump Plaza, Atlantic City. Officially, the third casino closure in 2014. Such a sad overall situation, for Atlantic City, the former "East Coast Gem" of gaming. While Atlantic City has always had it's share of problems; things have finally caught up with the city. While competition has always been a concern, often ignored by casino executives in Atlantic City; the current reality was just too much to ignore. I can't help but step back to 1984 and the opening of Trump Plaza, to much hyperbole.
It was May 22, 1984, and a large crowd had gathered to help him launch Harrah's Trump Plaza, the flashy hotel-casino that Trump had proudly described as full of "brass, glass and class." Now he was telling the crowd that his hotel was the finest building in Atlantic City and perhaps the finest in the country.
Donald Trump was a 37 year old with a billion dollar real estate empire at the time. Harrah's Trump Plaza became Atlantic City's tenth casino. While I hate to be so pessimistic about Atlantic City; the "golden days" have truly come to a close. The consolidation will continue, and Atlantic City shall be left with a few strong operators. I'll leave you with some photos I took early one morning a few weeks before the closing of Trump Plaza. You'll notice the prominent "BACCARAT"sign in the high limit room. At one point, Trump Plaza had attracted some "major" baccarat action. But, I'll leave those stories for another post.  Special notice, to the porte-cochère, TP logo motif and chandeliers; significant features of the Trump Plaza style.

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looking back.... Baccarat at the Sands.....

A little flashback, to the first Vegas property to introduce baccarat to the United States.

Oh, the power of the nine.  The story of "The Temple of Gold Hair," was news to me.

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"Classic" Big Baccarat

"Classic" Big Baccarat

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my only comment...... the sweet taste of a player streak!

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I'm back... again....

Last summer, I thought I would make my return with an overview of the gaming situation in Atlantic City.

It was an incredible trip, up until the point that my dear SO had to return to New England for business; and was involved in a horrible car accident.

"NATURL9" brought us much luck that day! Amazingly, the injuries (in what was a head on collision, where the other driver had passed out) were rather minor. My darling recovered fully, and went on to run her first half marathon (The Vegas Rock-n-Roll half) in December of 2009.

While I've tried to mostly stay focused on gaming topics (and particularly baccarat), I figured I would take a moment to muse about my own personal life philosophies (heck, it's my blog, so I can do whatever the fuck I want... LOL)

The card I chose after my Venetian Canyon Ranch Massage last week seems fitting :

as if you see
the best
in the people
you love
all the time."

One of the strongest concepts in my life, is trying to find the positive (intent) in one's everyday actions.

If we take a few moments to focus more so on the good, it just makes life that much prettier. At the end of the day, we control the the direction of our lives; and how we choose to view others. Perhaps, just focusing on the fact that people really do yearn to 'do the right thing' is enough for us to set aside the 'little things' people do that bother us. And, if you can't find that positive; then, just maybe, that relationship isn't worth the effort.

Here is hoping to full, happy and positive life!

I shall return to gaming topics; possibly wrapping up 2009 and early 2010 in the next post.

Cheers! Michael

I'm back! off to the AC

Well, my pledge to take a Vegas hiatus during the summer is actually happening. While I booked trips for 31 July and also in August (for the Venetian Carnival of Cuisine), this year, I really do think I'm going to avoid the Vegas heat. (Well, at least for a few months).

Off to Atlantic City in a few days, staying at the casino that just turned 30 on 26 June 2009 (surprisingly, also my birthday).

If you still don't know which property it is, this picture will give it away :

Luckily, they have managed to update things 'just a bit' since 1979. A nice little article on Atlantic City's second casino, turning thirty. Amazing, still quite a few employees working at Caesars who have been there since the original opening.

I plan on focusing quite a bit of time this trip on finally doing a baccarat overview of all of the Atlantic City properties. I'm also going to share some of the Caesars Atlantic City history, since I find it fascinating. Maybe even get into a bit of discussion about the departed Playboy Casino, which I spoke about last year.

I also have a number of interesting observations and thoughts from my previous Vegas (April) and Atlantic City (May) trips that i'll try to summarize and share. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time (or desire) to write extensive trip reports, but most definitely have quite a few great tales.

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A little more M

Not really a surprise, but it's nice to know that the casino management @ M-Resort is on the right page, with regard to how they treat mistakes and their customers. Nice story in The Bear Growls.

On its first full day of operation, the M Resort in Henderson had a single-line 25-cent video poker machine with a progressive starting at $10,000 instead of the undoubtedly intended $1,000. A patron hit the jackpot. Rather than hassle the winner or try to outright cheat him, as many casinos have done in similar situations, after a thirty-minute delay, the M Resort paid the patron the $10,009,

In other news, seems the first month of M-Resort, has proved to be a bit more popular than originally anticipated.

Overall, M was twice as busy as anticipated that first week. A total of 20,000 customers signed up for the iMagine rewards Club in the first few days of operation when the hotel set a goal for 25,000, total, for the entire month.

and a LINK to an M-Resort opening video.

I think my friend Rob put it best, in text message yesterday.

"Beautiful casino without the arrogance."

Diane was kind enough to share some of her great pics of M-Resort. [Thank you Diane!]

another great shot of the table

my favorite sink

the view from your bed in the morning, WOW -- those window are incredible

more seating, more view! love those windows

nice tub, in the master bath, of course, with a view of the strip

this shot really shows the absolute coolness of the wine bar area

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